Improve your brain,

Improve your Life:

Using Private Lessons to
create an
Amazing Next 30 Years:

improve Golf

Feel younger than in years

become smarter in body & brain

transcend limitation,

back, neck & Shoulder pain &

neurological issues


“Lessons” are 45 minute sessions, with a 15 minute integrative “rest/ nap” after.

The lessons  are you and I cooperating to find new options in movement, pleasure ease and awareness ( with you putting out no physical effort, your attention and nervous system are cooperating).

The lessons are slow and gentle. As you see in the picture, you lie fully clothed on a firm but comfortable table.

The lessons are incredibly effective

They allow you to rewire your brain to become a younger, smarter, happier, more graceful, skilled and at ease person.

They make your body smarter.

They make your brain smarter.

Brain Plasticity means you can improve until the day you die, and effectively “reverse the clock.”

Pain is eliminated

happiness and skill are increased

you get smarter in body and brain.

The joys of life get better:




loving making


whatever you love to do

including think.

They are called lessons because “learning “

= the increased ability to distinguish differences.

You will be at a higher level of




after each lesson.

The deeper purpose of the lessons
is to radically improve

the quality, joy, vitality and richness of the

NEXT 30 YEARS of your life.

They are based on Chris’ 220 days training in the Feldenkrais Method®

and 226 days training in the Anat Baniel Method

including certification at the Basic Level, the Special Needs Children’s mastery level, High Performers, and Vitality & Anti-Aging.

These methods use movement and awareness to improve the brain, which improves, radically, ease, coordination, pleasure and body sensing. And being in the moment.

Which improves your Life. All of it.

Each lesson will leave you feeling:

  1. Taller

  2. More youthful

  3. Much less in pain, if that is your presenting issue:


    (& High Performing Musicians)

  6. More skilled in tennis, golf, dance, anything if that is your presenting issue

  7. Looking and breathing better

  8. Calming and perhaps remission of neurological issues such as MS and Parkinson’s. Strokes come back much easier and faster.

  9. More “at home” in your body

  10. Thinking more clearly

  11. Open to new opportunities in life

  12. Undoing of depression, especially if combined with diet and intelligent exercise and mindfulness practices

  13. More at ease and clear in your posture

  14. With something to “take home and
    to keep the learning going.

Start with a reduced price initial consultation


to clarify what you want to shift and improve in your

present life
AND the

next 30 years.



Discover if a series of lessons could be of great
help in achieving that.

You will go away from the initial consultation:

  1. 1.Feeling deepened relaxation in and appreciation of your body,

  2. 2.Feeling upgraded in your body and mind,

3. Having something easy and clear to do at home,

  1. 4.Feeling more clarity about the improvements you could be experiencing

  2. 5.Having increased hope about achieving your dreams for your life over the next thirty years

  3. 6.Understanding a clear sense of whether you and I will “fit” for this amazing journey that you could be gifting to yourself.

You will find this work amazing for the following and more:
- Accidents & Injuries

- Stroke, brain injuries, trauma

- Back, neck, shoulder, knee, wrist, etc pain

- Depression and confusion

  1. -Golf

  2. -Musicianship

  3. -Special Needs Children


Phone or text: 360-317-4773

Located in the Clarksville section

of Austin, TX, 78703

(not far from Whole Foods, near Nau’s Pharmacy)


Chris giving an Anat Baniel Lessons to a female carpenter
whose back pain kept her unable to leave her bed
much of the time.
She recovered after 10 lessons,
improved to a long forgotten youthful level,
and went on to build a house for herself and her daughter.