The Heart of Divorce

For the kids’ sake:



Radical Presence Coaching

Austin, Texas


If your ex mate still bothers, bugs, annoys or otherwise gives you an excuse to be angry, hurt or bitter:

You are suffering,

and even worse:

Your kids are suffering

They are half of each, and when you disapprove of the X,

you disapprove half of them.

Think about what that’s doing to them.

Think of the therapy bills down the road.

Think of all their (and your)

needless pain.

3 hour beginning transformation session.

first hour free. 

shift in a day.

change your life and that of your children.

“Loving your enemy” is the only way to freedom, for you and your children.

Call to probe how valuable this can be for your life,

your health,

Your peace of soul


the life of your children




• In Chinese, the character for


is the same as that for


  1. 1.Forgiveness, for ourself and the other

  2. 2.Humility

  3. 3.Wisdom

  4. 4.Patience

  5. 5.Self understanding
    and most of all

  6. 6.How to Love the Enemy.