Whether in the best high jumper or cello player in the world,

or a “normal” adult wishing to move with more freedom, grace, skill and ease

in their body,

or a special needs child,

any improvement in inner connection,

and in internal understanding of movement as a “Whole Body/ Whole Brain Activity” will improve the brain,

as ratified by new discoveries in BRAIN PLASTICITY,

and that will improve life,

and help that person come to a

higher level

of functioning, ease and learning.

As well as increase mental abilities.

As well as improve emotional, sleeping and breathing ease.

And put that person on a “lifelong trajectory of learning.”

Recent Testimonial:

Our son has shown great improvements over the last week and his teacher said he seemed so focused and smooth in his movements and actions! He was able to focus on his school work for longer periods of time and was moving more smoothly than before.

  We took him back to a Tumble Club Gym where we had visited a couple of weeks before meeting with you.  The first time there, he seemed very unsure and unsteady on the equipment.  But, this time he easily navigated around the gym and climbed up on the trampoline and started bouncing and jumped 10 times in a row with his feet leaving the trampoline (this is the first time he's EVER done that!). 

He seems to move through his days more confidently and more sure about his body in space.  We've also noticed he's more "talkative" and responds more quickly to requests.  It's been fun watching him succeed and be so proud of himself. 

Thank you for introducing him to this new way of learning.  We as parents learned a lot from you too and look forward to visiting you again to further his progress.  Thank you again for your patience and persistence with him and making changes to best fit his learning needs.

Life is Movement.

The Brain Organizes Movement.

Improve the Brain,

Improve Life.


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